Soul Food

I wish being vegan automatically meant you were healthy. I know I’ve said it before and I’m sure I’ll say it again but veganism is realatively easy. I kind of wish I could just be a “fat vegan” for a few months first. Did you know that Oreos are vegan? As are French fries and tortilla chips. I can hang with the vegan crowd. And that’s what we did tonight on our date night. That vegan restaurant downtown has some kind of buffet each month. We decided to go on our way to a laser show at the local campus planetarium. The food was amazing! This months buffet was dubbed the soul food buffet. With foods like fried chik’n, BBQ chik’n, baked beans, collard greens; corn bread, Mac and cheeze, gumbo, mashed potatoes, and homemade pickles it certainly reminded me of our recent trip out to Virginia. Shamefully I must admit that we each took three trips to the buffet. 😳 Seriously the food was delicious but it brought back some familiar uncomfortability. We were STUFFED by the time we were finished. Like just after Thanskgiving meal stuffed. The don’t touch my stomach bring me to the nearest bed so I can sleep it off stuffed. It’s not a pleasant feeling. And it’s something we haven’t experienced in 21 days. I think it has been a motivator in trying to remain compliant in a WFPBNO eating plan. You just don’t find yourself in that situation when you are eating compliant foods. Not only that but I had heartburn later on and all I wanted to do was go to sleep. We will probably skip the buffet next time. 

Plate one…the next trip I took more collard greens because I actually enjoyed them. I also took more pickles because they were exactly like my grandmas!

Tomorrow I will cook at home the whole day and stay compliant to McDougall. Happy Monday!


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