Mary’s Mini-Mini

The hubby and I are attempting our first 5 day Mary’s Mini. Dr. McDougall’s wife Mary McDougall created a short term (10 day) starch diet called Mary’s Mini. Since we are only trying for 5 days this first go around I’ve nick-named it Mary’s Mini-Mini. It is a short term diet that is designed to be kind of boring yet totally healthy. First you pick your starch. We chose potatoes because we know how to cook them in a variety of ways. You eat potatoes cooked using no oils or fats what-so-ever (as per the regular McDougall diet) with a small side of greens like a salad or green beans etc. You may also include up to two fruits a day. They say it is also a mental game to go through the whole 10 days and I don’t feel that we are ready for that yet but I do think we can attempt a 5 day version. On this diet (and in this case she does mean diet as a lose weight quick example and not the long term diet of what you eat daily) you should see some quick weight loss results. As we have been animal product free for a month now (yay us!) we have not been oil free consistently. Therefore we’d like to see how we feel and how much we lose by attempting the Mary’s Mini.

Today I had a breakfast of diced hasbrown potatoes with some herbs and a dash of salt and pepper. This is the first time I’ve cooked hashbrowns with out what seems like gallons of oil to cook and crisp them up. I used a ceramic pan to cook them (actually it was my dad’s ceramic pan since I’m staying at his house the next two days) and I’m pretty sure I ruined the pan for good. I’m hoping I can clean it before he comes home but from what I’ve looked up online today it might be a gonner. 😦 So keep that in mind if you plan to cook without oil! The potatoes were pretty decent, obviously not as crunchy as I’d prefer but perfectly edible. You are allowed a small dab of a condiment and I chose to have a little bit of organic ketchup with mine. For a mid morning snack I had a banana.

For lunch I microwaved “baked” three potatoes with a side of cooked frozen broccoli florets. I flavored both with just salt and pepper. Again boring and uneventful but perfectly edible.

For dinner I had potato wedge fries and some mixed steamed veggies. I have to admit this is a bit of a challenge and it’s only been one day! I’m looking forward to some sweet potatoes to add in tomorrow. Also I had plans to buy a personal watermelon yesterday but at the checkout I realized it was $7 and I decided to skip it. A fruit would be nice to snack on this evening but all I have with me are bananas. And I’m saving them for my morning snack. 

Ah well it’s almost time to shower and get ready for the next day. The weather took a beautiful turn for the better this afternoon. I tried to capture a picture that had the essence of the warm sun even though the ground is brown and cold still. 


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