Plants…It’s What’s For Dinner

McDougall compliancy is still a challenge but we are also not aiming for perfection just yet. We are on a limited oil plan still so that we can stay compliant on everything else. The oil part will come when the time is right, probably around the June time frame.  Let’s talk about all the good things that have been happening with our bodies even though we aren’t totally compliant yet! I didn’t hold back in either of our descriptions below so if you don’t want to hear about bathroom habits or period details I’d suggest skipping the next two graphic paragraphs. I wrote down all the intimate details so that anyone who is struggling with similar issues as us can see exactly what’s different now.

M has had a reduction in overall pain. He has been feeling more well rested despite the fact that he hasn’t been wearing his CPAP mask at night. He has been off blood pressure medicine for about a week and so far his blood pressure has remained normal! He has also been off of Prilosec for two weeks and his heartburn/hernia issues have become manageable with food choices.  This is a huge accomplishment as it is his big goal to get off most or all of his medications. Here’s to hoping everything continues to stay normal! His bowel movements have remained normal and he no longer runs to the bathroom in the middle or at the end of each meal like before. He can eat bananas again! He had always loved the fruit but until recently hasn’t been able to eat them without being blocked up for days. He now happily chows down on at least four bananas a week. And to cap it all off he’s lost about 10 pounds.

For me I just realized yesterday that I haven’t had any plantar fasciitis pain in weeks, not even in the morning when I first get up which is when pain was at its worst! I know I read that inflammation conditions would decrease or go away but I’m truly surprised at how quickly it really did go away. I had a period last week that was the most normal one I can ever remember having! It starting one morning with no “pre-period” as I had called it, (I used to wipe red tinted colored discharge for about a week before a real flow would start. The first day was heavy, the second day it was medium, and the rest of the other three days were all very light. I had little to none of the clots that I had been having (I was never quite sure if they were either in the normal clots or uterine fibroids range). Also the last day of my period in the afternoon I had one brown wipe and then that was it. I didn’t have any of the “post-period” blood or messiness that I’d been having for up to 5 days post-period. This period started and stopped quickly, was a normal flow and color, and it made me so happy! I’m not sure what all this means long term and for possible conception but it feels good to have a win under my belt in this battle. I mean the reason I’ve been doing all of this from day one was to create a healthy body and reproductive system in order to start a family. I’ve shed many tears of frustration, anger, and sadness over the years that I was stuck with this stupid body that didn’t do what it was supposed to do and to have a victory (albeit small) still feels really good and reaffirms everything I’ve learned about this Dr. McDougall lifestyle. I’ve also lost 12 pounds since starting the WFPB way of eating. I got to “shop” back in my too-small-for-me bins and wear clothes I haven’t worn in two or more years.

Here’s some pictures as to what we’ve been eating the past couple of weeks. Also, full honestly this past week we’ve had some cravings for SAD food. M has been wanting fast food burgers or chicken. He says mostly for the convience factor of having something quick and delicious without having to think about it. I have been missing scrambled eggs and fried egg sandwiches I think for the creaminess texture. But we haven’t caved into those cravings yet and don’t plan to do so if we can help it. So yes, somedays we go out to eat and have French fries, or other oil tossed grilled/fried veggies and food but we aren’t beating ourselves up over it for now. Sometimes you gotta crawl before you can walk.


These don’t look all that amazing but they had a really nice crunch that I appreciated.


Fire roasted corn on the cob with no butter or oil just some salt and pepper and it was still delicious!
Black bean wild rice burgers with sprouts, avocado, oil-free vegan mayo, and an oil-free compliant hamburger bun.

Mushroom and spinach spaghetti sauce penne with vegan Parmesan and an oil-free fresh baked ciabatta bread chunk!
Quinoa and lentil tacos
Breakfast is still hard for me to figure out, especially something that is quick and easy for on the go mornings. I stick to toast and/or fruit.
This meal was so so good. The chips and taco shells were not compliant but everything else was.
Spaghetti and wheatballs…omg so good!!


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