Cheeze Sauce Heaven

I’ve found the one. The elusive faux cheese sauce that can go on anything: macaroni, rice, potatoes, veggies, as a dip for chips… I’ve tried three other recipes so far in search for the one that does it for us. They all have similar components and contain varying amounts of potatoes, onion, carrot, cashews or plant milk, spices, and nutritional yeast. Now for recipes that all the include quite similar ingredients it’s actually amazing their differences in tastes, textures, and colors. Yesterday I made a sweet potato based version that I thought I was going to love but ended up HATING it! I was ready to give up. As fate would have it though I logged into the McDougall Facebook group today and saw someone posted a cheeze sauce that they raved about. I decided to give it another try on this new day and I’m so glad I did because, “it’s the one!” We both enjoyed the heck out of it as part of Mac and cheese topped with a sprinkle of panko. 

The color isn’t as orangey as some of the other sauces but the taste wins out!

And later we enjoyed it again as a dip for oven baked potato rounds and as a topping for mashed potatoes (didn’t get a picture of that one, it was eaten too fast).

Speaking of faux cheeses we also tried moxarella last weekend. The texture was definitely goey and warm and very reminiscent of mozzarella. It was perhaps too thick though as our chips kept snapping and breaking off as we tried to dip them in (first world problems am-I-right!?). The flavor was a paradox, both good yet bland. I wasn’t sure if it would be something I’d make again but then today those McDougallers were on fire by talking about how they use it to make quesadillas and for pizza cheese! The quesadilla version sounds great with some mushrooms and peppers! I will try it as soon as I can find some compliant flour tortillas, 


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