Bottomless Pit

I’m not sure what’s going on with me this week. I’ve been feeling off emotionally and food wise. Easter weekend went great in terms of eating our mostly oil free whole foods and the in-laws enjoyed it well enough. It’s a huge adjustment to their normal meal but they tried and we so appreciate that. 

I tried a new vegan sweet potato casserole recipe and it was so so good! I’m thinking of how I could make it without the 1/4 cup of coconut oil. We also had red pepper broccoli Mac and cheese which was good but needed to be warmer. And for a veggie side we had pan seared Brussels sprouts and mushrooms which were really yummy.
Oil free French bread from Costco was delicious warmed up in the oven!
I haven’t yet mastered an oil-free salad dressing that I like so we had this beautiful salad topped with a vegan French dressing.

Since leaving the cabin to come back home from Easter my food choices have been super out of whack. I hate long trips because I have to snack and at the gas station I ended up getting chips and Swedish Fish (I told myself as an Easter treat). Then when we got home we had take out of fried cauliflower gobi manchurian over rice. I had Monday off from school and thought I would be ready to start back at better choices but for whatever reason it has been a big struggle for me this week. I haven’t wanted to cook or bother to make good choices for myself. I’ve also been moody and off emotionally and I feel like there’s no reason for it. Everything in my life is going well and the weathers been nice and there is nothing I can rightfully blame this funk on. I’ve been eating oil popped popcorn all week and I even had Burger King French toast sticks and hash browns with orange juice. The only thing I can think of that may be going on with me is worrying about Jackson. He had his second knee surgery this week and I’ve been stressed about him and the cost of this surgery. He had surgery on Wednesday and the doctors say he did well so I should be happy about that. 

Also my mom is coming to visit this weekend which I’m excited for so I’m hoping it was just an off week and that next week when I’m by myself (Jackson will still be at the vet’s and M will be in Colorado) I will get it together. 

I did do some cooking like making the cheeze sauce (this time with white beans not cashews), chick pea nuggets, banana with raisins bread, and Mexican rice bowls. However I don’t feel like it did a good enough job of counteracting the sh#t I ate.

Chick pea nuggets with water sautéed broccoli and cheeze sauce.

Oil-free Asian Slaw was not too bad. It was definitely something I can improve upon from here on out to make the dressing more my taste.

Here’s to hoping this negative mood leaves as quick as it came on!


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