The Perfect Weekend

I had a wonderful weekend with M. It started by visiting Jackson at the vet’s office on Friday. He’s doing well and in great spirits (as usual). It was good for all three of us to spend some time together and make sure we were doing alright.

So happy to see each other again!

Then we went to Buffalo River State Park for an evening walk. We had driven through the area last year and weren’t all that impressed with the camping set up but never really walked around. This time we really got a better feel for the park and fell in love with it. There is a man made natural outdoor pool, a babbling river, forest, prairie, and beautiful scenery. We can’t wait to go back once it gets warmer out for a lake day or for another evening walk (it’s only a 10 minute drive from Fargo). 

Sunset at the state park
We saw a lot of deer when we were there and got pretty close up to most of them.

Saturday was Mitch’s favorite “holiday”. The day/weeekend when everyone puts all their junk on the curb getting ready for cleanup week. So we spent the afternoon first at the city park for a picnic and a nap in the sun (the weather was gorgeous all weekend). Then we went garbage surfing looking for computer scraps for M and any random thing that took my eye. 

Taking a nice sun nap.
Thai Asian Slaw, fresh veggies and hummus, pita bread, and strawberries make for a lovely picnic.

The trees are starting to bud!

I ended up finding some great items on our cleanup week hunt. I found six perennial Day Lilly plants, a wooden wagon wheel, two wooden planters, and an old red wheel barrow! I plan to use all for yard decorations. When we came home we spent time outside doing some yard work. I dug up the side of the house to plant the lillies, M dug up a bunch of old steppings stones in the backyard, we did some raking and buildt a pile to make a fire later in the evening. 

Not much to look at now but hopefully they’ll bloom nice later on.

I can’t wait to make this into a beautiful planter full of flowers! 🌸🌺🌼

Later that evening I made some oil-free cauliflower Buffalo wings. They were pretty good but we ran out of the hot sauce and I didn’t have any lemon so I couldn’t make the ranch. Next time I’ll want to make the ranch because they were a bit spicy for me.

My partly naked wingz.

We finished the night with a bonfire in the backyard. Sunday morning we decided to go to church since we were both home and haven’t been since Christmas. It was a beautiful service and the message really stuck with me. “Failures are God’s way of changing your path”. This make so much sense for me. Every time I’ve failed at something let it be a relationship, getting pregnant, or a job, I’ve looked back and realized that they were some of the best things that have happened/some of the best things have happened because of those failures. It makes failures seem purposeful and I like that, that God is nudging me in ways that align with his plan.

Then we went out for lunch with the Wounded Warrior Project area group. These events are always free and a great way to connect with other veterans and their families. 

After that we did some shopping at Menards for shutters, rock, dirt, and paint to get some more house and yard work done. 

These are my favorite weekends at home doing projects and spending quality time together. We’ve had some close friends go through a lot of relationship issues and it makes you reflect on your own and give it attention.

We had a great weekend and now it’s time to pre for the work week. I’m hoping to attempt/complete another Mary’s Mini Mini  with potatoes again. I’ll keep you posted on how that goes soon!


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