Tune Up

Well time to fess up. I didn’t do a Mary’s Mini Mini this week. I’ve had too much stress and hustle and bustle this week. I know I can’t always blame food choices on business because we all have that in our lives but for me the last thing I want to do after a crazy day is spend a ton of time in the kitchen. 

However, I did weigh myself this morning and wasn’t happy with the 2 pound backwards progress. I know that 2 pounds can fluctuate easily for me and I’m by no means freaking out over it but it was a little reminder to be more conscientious of my choices. Yes we are on a modified McDougall plan until June but that should mean working towards full compliancy not giving ourselves free passes (which we have been doing too often lately).  For example I’ve had way too much oil popped popcorn the past two weeks but thankfully I am out of popcorn seeds and told M to make sure and not let me buy anymore. I don’t know how to say no to popcorn so why even have it around? We’ve also been eating at the vegan cafe a lot (seriously the food there is so good) but instead of ordering the fruit with our sandwich we’ve had fries. I’ve also noticed my facial hair has been coming in more again so that’s another self-check to tighten up my food choices. 

With that being said for breakfast today I had Grape Nuts with a splash of unsweetened cashew milk and raisins, and a handful of blueberries. For lunch I had a Dr. McDougall cup of noodles and hummus with veggies. For supper the pièce de résistance was spaghetti and wheatballs (one of my favorite meals) with a side salad. I also made sure to get my two cups of spearmint tea in today to help the facial hair. 

Thank God for these when I’m in need of compliant food fast!

Today was another crazy day. Between work, Jackson’s vet appointment, roofing contractor meetings, and a home visit from our PATH social worker it was a lot. The good news is Jackson is now back home with us and so far his healing is going well. We are forever grateful to all of the amazing doctors, techs, and staff at Casselton Veterinarian Clinic. There’s nothing like the comfort of knowing he’s receiving the best quality care. It took a long time to pick him up because so many people wanted to say goodbye to him. They love him nearly as much as we do. The bad news is I forgot just how much work I’m really in for with his recovery for the next four weeks or so. It consists of a controlled very short walk (distance will double each week), side steps in each direction 10 times, 10 sit to stands (has to be proper sitting not tucking his leg under him which he does a lot so this takes a while to get him to sit correctly), then we come inside for a 10 minute massage, then it’s range of motion exercises, flex and stretch exercises, followed by 10-15 minute icing. We do that whole rigamarole three times a day! I’m already over it after one day. To keep him interested I bought special (read expensive) dog treats that he can eat with his food allergies and of course he won’t eat them!! He thinks I’ve got pills in them, he gives me a very suspicious side glare. I just have to remember to stay positive. Things could be worse and as they say this too shall pass. 

Our broken baby back at home on his favorite bed. We gave him some cone free time before bed which he enjoyed by curling up real small.

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