Pizza, Pills, and Automobiles

Ah life. It always balances itself out. Last weekend was my delightfully sappy “perfect weekend” post. This weekend it’s filled with frustration and annoyance within our house. Jackson is home and the perfectionist in me wants him to heal perfectly and if it’s not done the correct doctors ordered way I get irritated but I also don’t want to do it all on my own because it’s too much. And M forgot to take all of his meds for the past week practically so his sleeping has been way off along with his mood. So if you think that our relationship is all sunshine and roses don’t forgot that it’s still real life over here. But today is World Laughter Day so we put on some New Girl to laugh away the grumpies.

On the food and weight loss end though we did have a good weekend despite watching some cable at a friend’s house. We don’t have cable and rarely watch live tv. Therefore we don’t get all the commercial bombardment. Ugh it’s so frustrating to see fast food and pop (soda to you weird people 😉) advertised nonstop. And ironically enough the very next commercials are usually some kind of pill promotion. Eat a standard American diet and you will need a mouthful of pills. I wish that farming and produce and yoga had tv commercials. I swear the only ads I see on tv are either pizza, pills, or cars. I only watched tv for an hour but I lost count of how much was being pushed at me and trying to trigger cravings. Luckily I was able to stick to our food plan for the weekend.

M is down a total of 41 pounds! That’s all together from when we first started the Wild Diet. And I bought a size smaller pair of shorts although to be fair they are mostly elastic waist banded but whatever! I’ve made some excellent meals this weekend and bought a lot of great produce. Dish up!

Back bean wild rice burgers, Pacific vegetarian baked beans, and oil-free hash browns.
Weekend snack bowl
Eating that rainbow! 🌈
Not sure how appealing this looks in the picture but this Spanish rice cauliflower taco bowl rocked my world! So good!


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