Chaotic Summer Breaks

Oh my goodness I have barely had a moments peace lately. I haven’t had a summer job for the past few summers because of M’s scuba diving school, moving into a new home, and wedding planning so I’m a little out of practice. Also, what I thought was going to be a no stress job actually does have stress but I think that’s more my personality type rather than the job description but who knows. I spend my evenings worrying about my kiddos and trying to plan activities that are authentic and engaging. The management style is not quite to my liking either I prefer to be way more organized. I still really enjoy what I am doing just didn’t expect for work to come home with me as much as it has and also how tired I am after work. The kids aren’t the only ones in the hot sun playing and running. On top of that M is in the middle of switching jobs and interviews and quitting and he needs a lot of help prepping for questions and shopping for outfits, and just the general talking through of his hopes and desires for our future and which position to take. We’ve also been on the road for summer trips with our nieces and graduation parties out of town. Last on my stress radar is our pets and the amount of money we are spending on them. We also added a new member to the family last night. We have a new cat named Wink (he only has one eye…get it?). The process of introducing Wink to Snickers is long and arduous but I really hope it pays off in the long run and they become the best of friends. 

We have not done a good job of eating whole foods plant based. We maintain a vegan lifestyle and continue to explore what’s available to us in that aspect. I haven’t cooked in many many days. We had a big trip planned for our birthday next weekend but we are both so overwhelmed with all the balls in the air we canceled it and are staying home to recharge and slow down. I will miss seeing my family and friends for my birthday and being alone on your bday is no fun. But maybe I’ll just go downtown and drink my stress and misery away since it’s my last 20’s bday haha. 

The one thing I have been pretty good at is walking Jackson every day. For one thing he needs it for his therapy and healing and for another it’s a little bit of time to just quiet the chaos of life. 


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