I’ve had a few days to decompress. I feel like I’ve actually had a moment to see summer. The crickets have just started chirping at night (which is my second favorite sound in the whole world) and the sunsets seem softer. I feel late summer approaching.

I’ve been able to get in some quality time with friends and catch back up on their lives. We also got our second vehicle now so I will no longer have to drive back and forth across town anymore. Although I will miss the moments to and from work with M that were just ours.

I’ve had time to not feel so far behind on household chores. Our evenings went from crazy busy every night to wide open for the most part during the week so that is a huge help as well. Now I can start to tackle my big list like painting the hallway, our bedroom, and the patio chairs plus a whole lot of outdoor projects and indoor organization. 

So in that aspect I’m happy to say that life is slowly down a tad. In terms of reproductive efforts I continue to be amazed at how kind and supportive people in my life are including strangers! At the dollar store the other night I bought 10 boxes of ovulation tests and 3 pregnancy tests because hello they are only a dollar apiece! The cashier was this incredibly sweet woman who said something along the lines of “honey I hope it’s this month and you can come back to see me instead of coming back to buy more tests.” I have told her that that’s a deal! Haha but even the woman behind me in line was saying nice things too. The moment was sweet, humorous, and humbling. I hope that if and when I ever am pregnant she still works there so I can go back and thank her for her positivity. 

This weekend was a great weekend to celebrate Paige and the fact that she is two already! I love that she laughs at all my jokes and agrees with everything I say. 

Today was my first Monday off work now that summer camp is over. Although I’m more than happy to stay home with the animals I really miss my coworkers/friends and our fun we had together. I may have to call them up for an impromptu game of Magic one night! 

I miss these ladies! They are still the background on my phone 😆

Today is also Wink and Snickers’ first birthday! No more kitten food or kitten collars for them! As soon as M gets home from dive team we will celebrate. And why you ask are we celebrating our cats’ birthday? Because life is worth celebrating both big and small moments. 

Kitten to puma basically haha
All about that sass


Fangirl Moment

Last week was busy but great! I was thrilled to find out that Dr. Barnard was coming to Fargo to give a plant based lecture and do a book signing at Barnes and Nobles one night and another integrated lecture for the new food co-op opening at the Fargo Theater the next night. We attended both and I had many fangirl moments as if he were some kind of famous actor! M thought I was hilariously ridiculous but that’s just how much I love these doctors that have helped change our lives. He was totally inspiring to listen to while being funny, gracious, and empowering all at once. I’m so thankful M bought me a physical copy of The Cheese Trap so that I could meet Dr. Barnard and get my copy signed! In recognition of Dr. Barnards work especially in his devotion to riding the world of fat and salt and hormone filled diary cheese, we made some wonderful WFPB cheese meals. It also just happened to be national mac and cheese day so we had to participate in this delicious day just in a new and healthy way.

I felt supremely special because he had signed all the others that I had seen with, “best wishes” and mine says “with very best wishes”….he likes me best 😉

I just bought this adorable cook book at Target for $5 and have finally started the process of writing down recipes from all of my hundreds of Facebook saves.

Whole foods plant based macaroni and cheeze sauce with so steamed asparagus for a pop of bright color and flavor and panko for crunch.

Whole foods plant based spinach and artichoke dip! This was a very yummy version and we had to stop ourselves from eating it all in one sitting.

I only have one week left of work for the summer before a couple week break before school starts up again. I can’t wait to have more time. I want to get more things done around the house and cook and meal plan a whole bunch more. I really love having things in the freezer ready for reheating because cooking on weeknights isn’t always realistic for me. Writing down all these recipes will be nice finally too so that I have an easy go to without making sure my phone is charged up and then unlocking it a million times during the cooking process or restarting the page. Electronics are great for recipe finders but cooking recipes from your phone has been a real pain. I’ve also donated all my old SAD cooking books and now the only thing you’ll find in my cupboards are vegan or whole food plant based ones.

I hope summer is treating you all well and that you find some time for yourselves as well!

Plant Based Plates

We’ve eaten so much scrumptious food since going plant based. Sometimes it does include vegan junk food, but majority of the time it is plant based with some (or a lot depending on the day) oil. Each of these pictures has a story that goes with it but as time continuously marches on I can’t give them each their due justice so I will have to settle for parade of just the pictures. As always I just want to add that we honestly don’t miss meat, cheese, milk, eggs, or butter. We do miss the convenience of living in a world where our main food lifestyle is shared with the masses. Going to restaurants, family functions, and even grocery stores is a constant battle of being prepared in advance so that we know we’ll have food we can eat. We miss going to any restaurant in any city and sitting down to look at the menu and then deciding what to eat instead of calling ahead or looking at their website to see if they can even accommodate our choices. We will always miss that convenience but we don’t miss the food because the food we eat now is just as tasty! To prove that point scroll down for the pictures. 🙂

Thank Goodness For Winter 

I love summer. I love the thick green landscape, the shade provided by a big leafy cottonwood tree, the sound of the leaves blowing on a warm summer day, the glorious sunsets over a calm Minnesota lake, the warmer tones of my skin, the easy wardrobe of shorts and tank tops and flip flops, the long daylight hours, and patio suppers we have. But have you noticed how hard it is to truly appreciate these things when you are in the middle of your summer schedule? There’s one thing after another to do and be done and that’s all on top of day to day living like cooking, cleaning, paying bills, and grocery shopping. I forced myself to carve out some time to write a blog post because I fear it will be the only one I have time for in July. Summer is not for the faint of heart! You are so busy making the most of your summer and the precious few months you get of it that it passes by in such a quick blur you have no time to stop and appreciate why you love it so much in the first place. And that’s why I say thank goodness for winter because as cold and dark as it can get it gives you the opportunity to remember and reflect on those summer memories that happened too fast.