Plant Based Plates

We’ve eaten so much scrumptious food since going plant based. Sometimes it does include vegan junk food, but majority of the time it is plant based with some (or a lot depending on the day) oil. Each of these pictures has a story that goes with it but as time continuously marches on I can’t give them each their due justice so I will have to settle for parade of just the pictures. As always I just want to add that we honestly don’t miss meat, cheese, milk, eggs, or butter. We do miss the convenience of living in a world where our main food lifestyle is shared with the masses. Going to restaurants, family functions, and even grocery stores is a constant battle of being prepared in advance so that we know we’ll have food we can eat. We miss going to any restaurant in any city and sitting down to look at the menu and then deciding what to eat instead of calling ahead or looking at their website to see if they can even accommodate our choices. We will always miss that convenience but we don’t miss the food because the food we eat now is just as tasty! To prove that point scroll down for the pictures. 🙂


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