Fangirl Moment

Last week was busy but great! I was thrilled to find out that Dr. Barnard was coming to Fargo to give a plant based lecture and do a book signing at Barnes and Nobles one night and another integrated lecture for the new food co-op opening at the Fargo Theater the next night. We attended both and I had many fangirl moments as if he were some kind of famous actor! M thought I was hilariously ridiculous but that’s just how much I love these doctors that have helped change our lives. He was totally inspiring to listen to while being funny, gracious, and empowering all at once. I’m so thankful M bought me a physical copy of The Cheese Trap so that I could meet Dr. Barnard and get my copy signed! In recognition of Dr. Barnards work especially in his devotion to riding the world of fat and salt and hormone filled diary cheese, we made some wonderful WFPB cheese meals. It also just happened to be national mac and cheese day so we had to participate in this delicious day just in a new and healthy way.

I felt supremely special because he had signed all the others that I had seen with, “best wishes” and mine says “with very best wishes”….he likes me best 😉

I just bought this adorable cook book at Target for $5 and have finally started the process of writing down recipes from all of my hundreds of Facebook saves.

Whole foods plant based macaroni and cheeze sauce with so steamed asparagus for a pop of bright color and flavor and panko for crunch.

Whole foods plant based spinach and artichoke dip! This was a very yummy version and we had to stop ourselves from eating it all in one sitting.

I only have one week left of work for the summer before a couple week break before school starts up again. I can’t wait to have more time. I want to get more things done around the house and cook and meal plan a whole bunch more. I really love having things in the freezer ready for reheating because cooking on weeknights isn’t always realistic for me. Writing down all these recipes will be nice finally too so that I have an easy go to without making sure my phone is charged up and then unlocking it a million times during the cooking process or restarting the page. Electronics are great for recipe finders but cooking recipes from your phone has been a real pain. I’ve also donated all my old SAD cooking books and now the only thing you’ll find in my cupboards are vegan or whole food plant based ones.

I hope summer is treating you all well and that you find some time for yourselves as well!


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