The Colors Of Fall

The crickets have stopped chirping and the sounds of crunchy leaves falling have filled the air. The mornings are crisp and cool. And the afternoons are golden and warm. 


I love living in a climate with all four seasons. Yes, I do wish that winter wasn’t the longest of them but I don’t think I’d want to live in a warm climate all year long. Fall for me, always reminds me of falling in love. M and I wrote friendship letters while he was away at basic training camp in Georgian the fall of 2007 but if you look back and reread those letters you can tell that we were crazy about each other. He would call me every single night from a buddy’s phone to tell me about his day and ask about mine. But after AIT when he moved to Korea we drifted apart. We both had very different separate lives happening at literally opposite times of the day. But the next year when he was deployed to Iraq his military job allowed for much more communication opportunities. (He was very lucky in that sense). And what used to be mailed letters became emails everyday. Instant messages through Skype and butterflies in my tummy. We officially called each other boyfriend/girlfriend in October of 2009. The bright colored leaves and frosty mornings remind me of those same fall days walking to the mailbox (in the country it was about a mile long walk) to check for a letter or sending pictures of Gooseberry Falls to him in an email.

Fall always feels full of possibilities and change. I feel excited to make changes. Three years ago that meant planning a December wedding, two years ago that meant moving into our first home, last year it meant adopting a kitten and fostering dogs, and this year I think it means fostering a child and perhaps a baby of our own soon. 

 Go out in nature and soak up the last few warm days before the snow swirls. Here’s to fall and the sense of change in the air!


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